Emprise Productions is the one stop solution for creating and editing all the genres of a video film. Team Emprise, that is, Us also specialize in doing live event coverage and then doing video editing. You can confine in us for one of the best services one can avail in the process of ‘Shooting a Film.’

We use the best equipments during the event. Our equipment galore includes Jimmy Jib, Crane, Helicam, Slider, Glidecam, Steadycam and camera rigs. Our camera Canon 5D Mark III is indeed one of the best cameras used in the film-making industry.

We provide anchors for vox-pop during the events as well. Also, we are experienced in creating attractive and enticing Paparazzi when some special personality walks in the door of your event.

The most intricate and yet the most amazing service catered by us is to provide all the photographs of the previous day’s event in format of a newspaper.