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Advertise Your Business With The Help Of a Corporate Marketing Video

advertisment using corporate video

Advertise your business using corporate videos. Video selling is using videos to push and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your customers and customers, and reach your audience

Brands need a video promoting strategy — this idea isn’t new.

What has changed is however necessary video has become on each platform.

Video isn’t any longer only one piece of your overall selling set up. It’s central to your campaign efforts … particularly your social strategy

Video has fully dominated social. in step with a recent HubSpot analysis report, four of the highest six channels on that international shoppers watch video area unit social channels.

Why is that this important? If you are not making a video, you are seemingly falling behind. however, do not fret. for most videos, the more simple and raw it’s, a lot of authentic the content appears … and that is what extremely matters to your audience.

Better yet, video production is more cost-effective than ever — you’ll shoot in high-quality, 4K video along with your smartphone.

Regardless, between camera instrumentality to lighting to piece of writing code, the subject of video selling will still appear pretty sophisticated. that is why we tend to compile this guide

video industry is one of the most successful industry in today’s world 

Video is helpful for quite amusement, too. Video on landing pages is capable of accelerating conversion rates by over eightieth, and also the mere mention of the word “video” in your email subject line will increase open rates by nineteen. ninetieth of consumers conjointly say videos facilitate them build shopping for choices.

But the video hasn’t solely remodeled however businesses market and shoppers shop; it is also revolutionized however salespeople connect with and convert prospects and the way service groups support and delight customers. In short, video is improbably helpful throughout the complete regulator — not simply to heighten complete awareness.

The video will be a flexible tool for salespeople throughout the complete client shopping for journey, and it will do way more than increase engagement. Backend analytics additionally facilitate salespeople qualify and prioritise cold or unresponsive leads.

The options are endless for service groups — onboarding videos, knowledge-based videos, meet the team videos, support video calls, and client stories square measure simply many ways in which video will produce a lot of thorough, customized client support expertise.

Importance of promotional videos for marketing

Reasons you need to use video marketing for your business:

1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

First things 1st. Videos will cause you to some serious money. Adding a product video on your landing page will increase conversions by eightieth. And Treepodia team has created it certain that video works well in spite of the class during which you deploy it.

If you think that regarding it, the effectiveness of video isn’t even that stunning. After all, vision is our most dominant sense. Most data transmitted to our brain is visual. therefore if already footage will boost engagement massively, imagine what moving footage will do to your business.

Video Marketing

2.Video Builds Trust

Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. however building trust ought to be a goal to be achieved. the total idea of content selling is predicated on trust and making semipermanent relationships. Stop marketing and let the individuals return to you by providing them attention-grabbing and helpful info. I couldn’t have same it higher than Mark Schaefer, the manager Director of Schaefer selling Solutions:


The new era demands attention on ignition, not simply content, on trust, not simply traffic, and on the elite individuals in your audience United Nations agency area unit spreading and advocating your content.


Video will it all. Video content is probably going to have interaction USA and ignite emotions. And after we point out elite individuals within the audience, YouTubers became the foremost powerful social media figure to push your whole. So, if you’re serious regarding content selling, you want to be serious regarding video, too.


Promotional videos will foster trust also. Some customers area unit still skeptical regarding shopping for product and services on the web as a result of they concern fraud and cheating. however effective selling videos gift your product in a very colloquial kind. that makes a way of individual approach that is why fifty seven of customers say that videos gave them additional confidence to buy on-line.

3.Video promoting will justify Everything

Are you launching a brand new product or a service? produce a video to indicate however it works. ninety eight of users say they’ve watched Associate in Nursing explainer video to be told a lot of a few product or service. that’s why forty fifth of companies United Nations agency use video promoting aforementioned that they need Associate in Nursing explainer video on their home page. of these businesses, eighty three aforementioned that their homepage explainer video was effective.

Trying to clarify a tough concept? produce animated videos. Animation videos will bring ideas to life that no video will. Besides, boring talking heads aren’t enough any longer to interrupt through the litter. Animated videos square measure an ideal combination of amusement, nostalgia, and ease. and that they work.

Make sure you utilize a method which will get you results. Use these twenty pre-production steps to form your video content stand out from the remainder. investigate the essential tips and samples of best practices on a way to create a product demo video.

4. Video Engages Even the Laziest consumers

Video may be a great tool for learning, however it’s additionally super simple to consume. Today’s life is just too busy to possess time to browse long product descriptions or dig deep into services. the trendy client desires to check the merchandise in action. Video preference is one in every of the foremost vital driving forces of victimization video in your content promoting.

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