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7 Important Reasons Why A Business Needs a Corporate Video

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In the recent time, corporate advertising has become a popular and common tool to promote one’s business and product. Television advertising being the most powerful way to influence the viewers, promoting the videos on online platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo is also trending these days. Many companies are shifting their focus from traditional advertising to these social media sites.

With people spending more time on online platforms rather than sitting in front of the television, this idea is a huge hit to connect and widespread among the viewers and customers globally. There are multiple reasons why you should go for a corporate video to strengthen in promotional and marketing field. We have sorted out some major reasons and here is the list-

It describes your company profile -

Corporate video is a very innovative and informational way to showcase your company profile and business services. This idea stands out from other marketing strategies because this has a vast scope for promotion. For instance, you can have this video on your company website or social media pages like Instagram, Facebook,  so that the visitors will be able to what your business is without scrolling down the whole site content.

This will be an easy way to connect because most of the people want quick information about any specific company or subject. Make sure that the video should be longer than 4-5 minutes and adding the appropriate content about what your company does should be the only focus. Thus, this is a magnificent move in order to spread your company’s collective information along with relevant images and footages which will help to attract visitor on your website or social media pages.

It reaches to more clients and customers-

Uploading and promoting your corporate video on several sites assure you more potential customers who have watched your video and are interested in your services or products. Social media these days are becoming a big market for promotion purposes. Instagram even has a business account option in order to promote your product or services. Other popular sites like Facebook and YouTube are also a good platform for promotion.

You can also partner with sites like Google and UC browser to get you marketing video featured in their ad post. A television advertisement is another good option but this is a costly bet to take on. Overall, this is the best way to get attention and promoted with some easy efforts.

Increases your Google Search Rankings-

This may be a new term for some of you but SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays the lead role in seeking promotion and traffic on your company website. Having a corporate video not only helps in gaining customers for your services but it boosts your website SEO and increases your ranking on Google search. More people will be able to see you before other companies while searching on Google. Getting a corporate video done from one of the best corporate film maker in Delhi NCR helps to increase the traffic on your website and social media sites which results in increasing your sales and improvement in your financial turnover.

Easy to share-

It is well known that videos are the best form of sharing any information or product. If you post your corporate video on website and social media page, the viewers who like your video can easily share or save the video on their personal social media sites and websites. They can also share this to someone they know who want this kind of services. So this is the best way to generate traffic on your website with the accessibility of video sharing among people. If everything goes well, this video could reach millions of people worldwide!

Stands out from the crowd-

A corporate video helps your business to stand out of the crowd. We often get confused when it comes to give right and required information on platforms like company website and social media handles, as a result we end up giving a lot more or unnecessary details regarding the business services. This distresses the customers and viewers most of the time. With a corporate video in your bucket, you can stick to the topic and give only the necessary information about the business. This short and detailed video clip will help the viewers to understand the services in a quick span of time. If they like it they will invest or share the video to the required person and social media platforms- helping increase your potential customers and business.


Your online video will not only tell you how many likes you have received, but also how many times they were shared, how they were found, who they were shared with, and whether or not the videos are converting to hits on your website. This feature will help to keep an eye on your video traffic and track overall progress. Make sure you keep on updating the information ad content of the video time to time to bring in the largest possible audience.

Educating targeted audience-

A corporate video explaining what your business services and product are is very different and unique way to educate people. This is an eye-catching technique in which your basic content creation goals will all boil down to educating targeted audience. When it comes to writing blog on your website and providing the information through it, you only grab the attention of read-write learners while an explainer video can do the both work and attract every sort of audience.

Videos help your business to develop and gain new clients. This will showcase your brand’s personality and help to build trust with the existing as well as new customers. Not only online, corporate videos can be shared and promoted on offline basis as well. This has multi- purpose uses. A corporate video can simplify and explain your business or product and help you to connect better with your customers. The most important point, these are cost effective since this offer a very high return when compared to other marketing strategies. So overall, corporate video help to grow business through the retention of existing customers, addition of new customers, and brand building.

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