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How to find the Best 2D Animation Studio in Delhi?

Best 2D Animation Studio in Delhi

Looking for Best 2D Animation Studio in Delhi?

There are a variety of designers and animation studio and animation centres which excel in this field and can meet your demands for all types of animation requirements whether it be the need for advertisement or corporate purpose or for public distribution in entertainment or the trending now for personal events having a certain targeted audience.

Animations have widely covered all types of markets whether it be shot films or feature length films and has been one of most renowned source for advertisement and branding industry . They are also used in decorations or stop signs at bars , restaurants and hotels . Malls have been using a lot of animations in festive seasons to  attract customers . The introduction of covering buildings with animations using projectors for decoration or advertisement has been a trend for the industry and is getting popular with the building of more and more skyscrapers .  This idea was originally drawn from the political portray of American President on the Times square building then the idea went viral and now it is used for different purposes .

Orgin of Animation Idea

The idea of animation was introduced long back before even cinematography was introduced . It was primitively used in motion of drawn objects or figures in paleolithic period . Scribbles are found on the curved surface of a pot which are in a series showing the life of a goat or the magic Lantern or the Shadow Play popular in the early villages . The traditional Bioscope in the Rajasthani culture has been promoted since early days and still popular in the traditional melas and has been a pride for the rural community like the art of Kathputli.

History facts

The introduction of Digital Animation came in existence accidentally long back when even the cinematography wasn’t discovered and the first animation was discovered when a photographer moved through some continuous shots .  The animation long back were made with drawings made on paper with continuous frames and then traced on the digital platform again .

This is an animation of a bouncing ball including six frames with a motion speed of 10 frames per second . It was known as ‘ The Bouncing  Ball ‘ . The technological advancements have led to a speed with minimum of 24 frames per second in the present time .

Now the animations are equipped with highly designed illustrations or graphics . Like the video game industry uses the high graphic animations . From the first ever designed feature film Snowwhite by Walt Disney to the current 3D animated feature length movies having more detailed and real like characters .

Whats Trending?

Bollywood has also been using animation and the trend of animated logos has been a great trend for production houses in Delhi/NCR and outside India. The TV industry has also been using animated wallpapers for their TV shows with GIFs . The event industry and the corporate industry has also witnessed growth in animation industry with the growth of Digital India campaign where most of the targeted audience has access to digital content . From the Diwali and Holi wishes with motion of clip art and other objects to professionally designed event invitations and corporate promotions and demonstration videos have been a trend .

The Education Industry has also witnessed the use of animation with the global connection of teacher and student using the Internet where Voiceovers are done by the Teachers and the animation over the templates or Study Catalogues or animated white boards which are easily available on softwares with predefined templates needing no knowledge about animation .

Softwares used

The animation videos earlier used sofwares like Flash by Macromedia now known as Adobe Animate and softwares like Visual Studio and Maya .

These softwares are used for creating all types of professional purpose animated content including short film and feature length films and the movies created for advertisements also .

While looking for top animation studios in Delhi you should consider the type of animation content which may be for entertainment , commercial or personal use and should consider a budget friendly animation house as animated content requires hours of work and can cost you a lot if you are not well connected to the market price .

How Animations can help you grow ?

The point mentioned above about the trend is enough to justify the use of animations in the Industry also , but if you are still not satisfied then you should know that video based content is the most used means of advertisement and the reason behind it is the facts that it is 200% more effective than the text and picture based content together . Also these are some facts to support it

  • Having  video on a home page can increase deals by 80%
  • By using a  video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online
  • 1/3 of all online activity is  watching video
  • 50% of audience look for more information after seeing a product in a video
  • YouTube users watch more than 3 billion hours of video per month, according to YouTube

Following is a list of top animation studios in Delhi along with their special qualities and the genre they work upon :

  1. Emprise Productions

It is a Pan India One stop solution for Video and Photo services where you can get all types of video solutions from corporate services in Video based, content based , animation , 2D animation , 3D animation videos etc. This is well known for its Corporate Videography and has been ruling on the corporate market since 2014 . Its team has amazing young talents from leading institutions and is headed by FTII alumni who has also been recognised as a TEDX Speaker in London and takes ahead the idea of youth Entrepreneurship.

  1. Enchantment Spangle Studio

It is a key ‘Craftsmanship Palace’ that mixes representation, inventiveness and innovation to enable customers to construct interesting, persevering brands and market themselves in new and creative ways.

Administrations: They give 2D and 3D movement recordings, Promotion recordings, explainer recordings and realistic plans.

  1. Video Tailor

2D Flash Animation Services by the best video production company in Delhi. Animations are a good way of advertising your product, and 2D animation is comparatively cheaper than 3D Animation. You can easily explain your product by using animations, as it is interactive and prompt technique. It’s so much easier to reach out to your customer with help of 2D animated videos.

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