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How to find the best Candid Photographer in Delhi?

Candid Photography

Candid Photography

Looking for a Candid Photographer ?

Monochromatic Candid Loose closeup shot Photograph of a women

The aura which comes out of natural expressions , the giggles captured says out loud the sound of joy and the silent sneak of beautiful decent faces in the charismatic presence of the event can be most beautifully witnessed by the works of a  Candid Photographer .


Photography is one of the most beautiful art which was originally light paintings used with the phenomenon of Camera Obscura . the advancement from etchings or paintings to modern day mirror less camera with lenses which can capture microscopic elements to telescopic elements .

To choose a perfect Candid Photographer , first know what is photography and specifically understand the term Candid Photography .


Earlier cameras were used just by professionals , mostly painters or etchers . Then with the introduction of Kodak Cameras ‘ Dollar Cameras it went to houses to capture people . This gave birth to the photography of amateurs and candids which were not professional . The trends of “ saying Cheese “ were introduced in this era only . People were so fascinated with the idea of preserving their memories by themselves where the camera and the roll was affordable in almost every economy where the job of the person was just to choose the framing and just press the capture button to release the shutter . The introduction of photography professionally was the introduction of the industries of Film , TV , Fashion and Tourism . This is how the photography which was restricted to the usage of preserving and documentation for official purposes only .

What does Candid Photography stands for ?    

The word Candid Photography means a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. There are many ways to capture candid photographs but the following are some basic types :

  • Capture a moving object like a running athlete , a dancer , a vehicle , any moving bird , animal etc.
  • Capturing without any prior announcement to the subject can give you amazing candid portraits where the beauty is the natural presence in the shot which depicts simplicity and sometimes emotions which are not easy in posed photographs .
  • Capturing to surprise the subject is an amazing way to get beautiful candid images , the portraits with natural laughter or joyful images are captured like this only.
  • Capturing without distracting the subject , the shots during live events can give you amazing candids . These types of candids are shot with keeping in mind of their significance with facial expressions and hand and body movements to give them the feel of the moment .

Gear and Equipments

Candid Photography requires good quality camera with generally High shutter speed .

Cameras like Canon 70D , Canon 7D Mark II , Nikon D7500, Nikon D90, Nikon D750 , Nikon D810 , Canon 5D Mark IV , Canon 1Dx Mark II , Nikon D7200 etc, which are able to capture Motions and Facial Expressions easily .  Telephoto Lenses are best for the Candid Photography subject to the situation . For example in a Big Event Hall when you are supposed to capture the Ambience or close closeups of the people , you require a telephoto lens with range depdending upon the size of your area . Most Common Telephoto Lenses are 55-250 for Canon , 70-300 for Nikon . Sports events need Full Frame Sensor High Quality DSLR’s with high range telephoto lenses . Photographer may also require a tripod or  monopod for the moving shots as they will be dealing with high speed subjects where you can avoid any unwanted motion blur .

The Photography skill need to be very high with the perception and thought of a good photographer who can create shots out of random movements near him without any prior notice and he is always ready to capture mode avoiding any kind of errors like blur , motion blur , focus errors , framing mistakes , composition failure .

Tips and Suggestions

Now when you are looking for a candid photographer you need to consider following things in your mind

  • Good Experience which is necessary to build a considerable thoughtful aptitude to see the shots around him and capture them with no error . The photographer should be quick and spontaneous to the movements around him . Experience of minimum 2 years should be entertained.
  • The gear should be up to date like the DSLR cameras should not be old as the photo quality as the technological advancements are very common in this field  in the image quality . The recent trends are 1080 p and 4K HD digital quality and the old cameras might not meet the quality standards . Also good quality and new cameras are equipped with digital wireless connectivity system to allow the ease of the photographer for storage and connectivity . Qualities like cllud storage are also available nowadays .
  • The photographer should have various supplementary equipments required for photography like extra lights and stands , external flash / LED , etc . the
  • The last but the most important part is your budget for the selection . The average cost for an adequate photographers could be around 70-80 K .

Your Search Ends Here

There are some suggestions to the most favourable and well experienced candid photographers in Delhi :

  • Morvi Images: Morvi is extremely talented with a unique style of capturing bridal portraits. Her black and white shots are magical. Don’t take my word for it, her work speaks for itself. She’s also very friendly and easy to work with.

Price Range: 180,000 onwards

  • Cupcake Productions : Started by Shruti Khanna & Jayant Chhabra – a husband-wife duo, Cupc

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