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How Corporate Video helps in Business Growth?

Business Growth using electronics media

Digital Business

Witness your Business Growth

Digitalisation is the age of today. Business Growth of the 21st Century has its backbone over the Internet and the digital world. Corporate videos are the best solution for the businesses by engaging the audience in a digital form connecting them more by adding visual representation to the promotion they might have ignored the same content in any another medium. Corporate world has the stiffest competitions and only the best survives. Millions of companies or start-ups go to doom with the heavy losses in their first five years .

The one reason of that can be the poor marketing done for the business . Corporate Videos gives you an insight of the business in its best form where you can get the animations and videography skills at its best giving you a “GREAT CORPORATE VIDEO “ meeting the best demands of your Business marketing  strategies.

Reach to a Wider Audience

If, “ A picture is worth a thousand words” , then a video is worth a billion. These billion words support your business by giving a face to it to the people who are new to your idea.

Also a person with the minimal knowledge of SEO or SMO knows that video is the top ranking factor in Yahoo , Google and Bing . Corporate Videos include the visuals of the business employees and the major USP of the the company , it also embraces each and every unique quality to distinguish and beat the competition level in the market .

Easy Demonstration of the content  

This corporate video strategy helps the company to showcase everything it can offer and how they work for it where the targeted audience can themselves collect the desired information they seek from the video.

It is really helpful to demonstrate the content to the audience which can be of any class or community . It is also possible top communicate the idea to someone who is not able to understand the language using animations and the visuals . The audience doesn’t have to go through the long texts . an information stored in 1000 words taking an average time of 10 minutes which can come in a video shorter than 5 minute .

Increases the Trust Factor

Corporate Videos are very successful as they have real life experiences and statements made by real persons doing the particular job and not an actor creating the trust factor which is very prominent in the market . these factors are scientifically proven – the attire the costumes and the physical overview of our subject gains more attention and gives a real life feeling connecting audience more easily .

Scientific Fact tells that visuals have a very better retaining power than texts and Videos connected with movements and sound gives it liveliness with the retaining power till 80 days average with a one time watch .

Saves your time

The another problem it solves easily is the Lack of time . it is not an age when people go through the information by reading it . They tend to do everything in brief . In this time the promotion done lately by billboards and other advertisement medias has grown old with time . The fancy billboards on scyscrapers has grown old . But the videos actually grabs the attention and are designed by communication experts who tend to seek your eye and meet the demands of the clients.

Here are some quick stats about the development in the industry because of corporate videos and other video based marketing .

  • Global Consumer Internet Traffic will be having 80% of its traffic for video based content on internet by the year 2019 , says recent BizBuzz
  • Facebook generates 8 billion video views daily out oif which 80% are promoted for local and intrnational business.
  • Youtube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year, that means it almost doubles up every year , the world has already witnessed it to be the biggest platform for video content that may be any social video, promotional, advertisement, entertainment , public interest , etc
  • Videos get 1200% more shares than images and text combined , that proves the video content to reach a wider audience than any text or photograph can ever reach .
  • Websites using Videos get 41% more traffic than websites that don’t use that which is a proof that video content advances up your reach to the masses.
  • 59% of the senior executives are willing to choose video based products if both text and video are available giving it a head up by the corporate world who understand the need to be updated with the time and the technology .
  • Emails having video increases 200-300% chances to get a click-on proving the catchiness a video provides to any content as it seems more professional helping to build a good pre impression for the audience leading to a click on the content .
  • 67% of the marketers choose to use videos for their marketing and find them more effective to be put up in the industry helping the marketer widely to do his job by the video when he doesn’t have to waste much time on demonstration of the ideas , theories , product or the content which he is promoting .

Corporate videos have proven best for the purpose of promoting the business , market , industry or  organisation by connecting to a wider audience beating the barriers of education and language bars , decreases the time of communication , more retaining of the delivered content , easy to understand , demonstration is done better , catches the eye easily and maintains the trust factor by showing real testimonials of the witnesses or thee creators of that product or business idea . It leads to the insight covering up each and every bit of it as required by the person or his targeted audience belonging to each and every cast and class who has direct or indirect access to his content .

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