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What a client loses when they inadvertently delay their project?

Delayed Video Project Solutions

Delayed Video Project Solutions

What are the Delayed Video Project Solutions?

As we are in the Video Production Industry for a decent amount of time now, In Addition what we have noticed is that client’s projects get delayed for months and months without any specific reason.

What could be the possible reason for the delay of the project and What are the Delayed Video project solutions?

  • As creative process needs brainstorming and peace of mind, when the decision comes on the client to
    lock the script or storyboard, the usual habit procrastination comes in between.
  • Some pending approval from the higher authorities could be one reason.
  • Unsatisfactory part of the work done by your team could delay the further proceedings from their end.

But most of the times, it is the first reason.

But as a video production company owner, Furthermore, I would like to light upon the certain factors that our clients may miss out in the Delayed Video project solutions. Whenever a project is delayed for any reason (be it a video, website, software anything, me being a video expert, can light upon the video production process), you risk yourself in losing upon on the quality for sure and sometimes even the complete project.


What can you miss upon?

  • Recently, one of my systems got affected with a virus, which made the complete data useless. It also had data of a shoot done for a company which was pending because of the awaited changes in the script from the client’s end. Not even a single file is usable in that hard disk. Now the data which was lost in it, is not something that can be re created.
    As a result, the whole team had went to Chennai to shoot, and a good amount of efforts were placed from both the client’s end as well as by our team. (Luckily, I do have the second copy of the data, because it’s saved, but imagine the plight if it would have been completely lost!!)


  • Enthusiasm for the project: First of all Once the project is delayed way too much, your team loses the interest in the video, and as when you come back with the changes or additions and some Delayed Video project solutions, they have to hunt for your raw data files and It would be like a any other thing to finish for them.


How to avoid your client from delaying the projects?

    • First of all, Set a deadline while booking the project and put extra penalty on delay in responses from both sides
      (you as well as your client)
    • Never give Raw footage/project files to your client, as this gives them the satisfaction of at least having it with them.
    • Continuous follow up.


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