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Why Videos Go Viral?

viral videos

viral video

Stop what you’re doing and go to your family or friends or anyone you can find and ask them a simple question: Why do videos go viral?  They’ll probably say Viral Videos are just simple luck, and if you press hard enough, they will tell you that they don’t know.

Well, lucky for you, you have come to the right place because we may not be the deities who make Viral Videos but we surely will tell why they do go viral and how you can make yours famous, too. And no, the answer is not luck. Jonah Berger, Wharton professor and best-selling author, has done many researches and finally come up with the science behind the process.

There are some secrets that can be followed to make your video a hit, and as a result, benefit your company. A high-end marketing team is not required to work on the concept for months to ensure the highest result.

The steps are simple and effective, and anyone can use them to their benefit:-

1. The ‘Word of Mouth’ factor:

It may be old fashioned but it still is one of the best ways to create marketing for Viral Videos, especially for start-ups. Word Of Mouth is a powerful device and it can be used correctly to not only interest the people around you in your product but also to convert those people in faithful users and promoters by using Viral Videos.

As people tend to trust the opinion of their acquaintances more than online ads, they will listen to what you have to say and trust it. Also, if they find it interesting, they might also know people with similar interests as them and share the news with them, indirectly promoting your video. As a result, You’ve got your Viral Videos online.

2. Grabbing attention in Social Media:

Internet is a very powerful way to circulate your video. In fact, it should have important emphasis, as online you can direct people towards a particular link to view your video and share it, which is difficult to do in real life. But it also should be kept in mind that internet is to be used as a technology, not a full-fleshed strategy. Your main aim should be on the video and the content, not how to get more followers.

3. Viral Videos increase your social currency because people ‘share’ it:

What people share indirectly determines their social currency. Others are bound to judge that person of what sort of content they share, so it rests upon you to make your viewers look good, because the better you make them look, the more likely it is that they will pass it on. If the Viral Videos they are sharing makes them look smart or cool or aware of the social trends, they are more likely to share it with their audience and gain that positive image. If the video is nothing special or shows them in a bad light, they will not be willing to share it.

4. Videos brings out the remarkability of the product/company:

Whilst marketing, it is important to showcase the positive features of your product, but sometimes, it is very likely that people might not care about the features or added values. Which is why, the inner remarkability has to be found (yes, it does exist for every product) and should be used it to its maximum value.

Even though your product sounds boring or you feel like not a lot of general public will be enthusiastic over the brilliance of it, then you need to find that one thing and twist it in a way so that your video does not sound boring and also takes the point across the room.

5. Videos can trigger your senses :

Anything like sights, sounds or any other stimuli that reminds us of something are triggers, and people may only know it subconsciously, but they are one of the reasons why they share a video or anything in particular. Triggers remind them of certain products or videos. They can relate those videos to those triggers in their life and hence, it increases the chances of them talking about it and sharing it even more.

For example, Rebecca Black released a video called Friday where she sings about the said topic. Even though the video would not have gotten such a big response, it did so because the day Friday reminded people of that video and hence made them share it.

6. Videos makes you emotional:

Nothing drives people to share any particular content like emotions does. It is a simple fact: if you care, you share, and it is true. If people feel very deeply about a video or they are very touched by it, they are bound to share it with their audience. If it makes them laugh or cry or angry or generates any emotion in a high level, they are very likely to share it.

7. Videos express practical values :

Emotions are not always necessary to make the video sharable. Sometimes some videos go viral because they carry practical value aka expert knowledge. If your video carries some knowledge which can benefit people, those people are also most likely to share it with others who might be in need of the same guidance.


  • In order to ensure great achievement for the video, it is not compulsory to include all these factors. They would work towards success independently, too.
  • At the end of the day, if you expect the video to gain a lot of momentum, you should also be willing to give the audience something in return for it. If the video is not up to their standards and does not offer them anything in return, they will not be enthusiastic about spending their time and energy on it.
  • Money is not a criteria for making a video viral. Most of the viral videos are usually home shot without any noteworthy experiences in video-making. Sometimes viral and money are confused to be interrelated and that is not the case. Money does not guarantee success for the video. Big bucks could have been spent on it and it might still be a dud. The concept of the video and its relation to the general public is much more important than any other criteria.

How To Bring Results:

  • To check the results, one can always depend on Word Of Mouth. The technique is not just great to promote your video or product, but it is also very good as a feedback service. The same people who showed interest in your product and promoted it to their acquaintances can bring you feedback from all those customers and interested parties. This can not only be used to keep a check on the present campaign, but can also be the basis of future plans for marketing.
  • For a video to go viral, it should be targeted to the entire mass of general public, and not just be field specific. If the company creates a video which is simply talking about the features of mobile phone, the only users that video will gather are the ones interested in that mobile phone. Others who already have a mobile phone may not even care about it. That is why it is important to have a pitch which does tell about your product but also has a generic appeal to it.
  • For good results, a good service is to be provided first. The video should provide something to the public, and that is why most of the videos aiming to be popular go for emotions as it applies to everyone, regardless of any barriers. Videos that are funny, emotional, inspirational etc. are 20% more likely to be shared than any other video.
  • Don’t be scared to promote your video amongst your friends. In most cases friends are always supportive of your work and willing to share it with their friends for your video to have a better reach. Even if only a few number of friends or relatives does so, you already have a small amount of traffic on your video.
  • The ending of the video is extremely important as that is the part which can make or break the concept. If the ending is solid and inspires people to take an action, or leave them laughing or with a smile on their smile, or bring tears to their eyes etc. then the video has done its job. If the video does not ignite any emotion or satisfaction amongst them, they are most likely to direct from that page without giving a second thought.
  • Monetization can always help on YouTube. By agreeing to it, YouTube puts small ad around the corners of the frame of your video. Not only do you get paid for all the ads viewers watch on your channel, it also helps boost the video and present it to new audience.
  • Promotion of your video is the one thing you should not be scared of. Promoting it in your familiar platforms is already a must, but it also helps if you look for new platforms to bring attention to it. Writing about your video in your own blog will attract the people who might already be familiar with you and your work, but if you feature in someone else’s blog and talk about your video, then it is likely to bring in some new viewers.

Making a video viral is not as difficult or as easy as it sounds. It is not magic, or luck, but science and hard work.


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