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How to Make Viral Videos for your Startup ?

Startup Viral Videos

Startup Viral Videos

Creating startup viral videos:-

All the businesses dream of it. But only a few achieve it. The phenomena of creating viral videos seems like it is not an unexplored one yet many people struggle in this. We bring you a few insights which can help you if you are thinking about creating startup viral videos.

The first and foremost principle to keep in mind before making a viral video is ‘Know Your Viewers’

Because You cannot make a same video go viral among every market segment.Most of all Understand your own market segment while you want to target and think about the factors that triggers them.Probably, These factors will be the stepping stones of forming the relevant base for your viral videos.

One thing that every viral video has in common is ‘Unexpected’. Cliffhanger. Mind-blowing.The intensity by which your videos will go viral will depend upon your ability to make your viewer’s jaw drop.

For a startup, opting for a video advertisement is one of the intelligent way to make your presence being felt in the market.A cleverly executed video of few seconds or minutes can help you attain the bliss point in your domain, something which your competitors can only dream about.

Make sure you keep in mind the below points before executing viral videos for your startup:-

1) Crispness:

Keep your startup videos as short as possible. Nobody likes to watch a clip which feels like its being dragged. It doesn’t mean that you cannot make long videos. But make sure that every millisecond in the video, every frame is cleverly designed and not boring the viewers with unnecessary stuff.

For achieving this, ensure that you make the script and storyboard taking in mind every factor on your startup and product.

2) Not all funny videos will go viral: 

There’s no point ticking the humour buds of the viewers if the video can’t make an effective sales pitch. Many videos which are not humorous go viral simply because the creators have explored the unexpected. You can keep the tone of the video as suspense, drama, romantic etc depending upon the product.

Finally, Make sure to exploit the emotional button of your potential customers so that your brand makes an impression on them.

3) Clarity: 

The Startup Viral Videos should be made in such a way that it especially keeps the views off the edge but doesn’t make their brain puzzle so much that they lose interest. Moreover, Make the video enough intellectually intriguing as much your customers will understand because Not all of us are Sherlock or Batman to understand the complications of a mystery.

It might help you to attract a larger audience and therefore lengthen the viability of your video for a long time.

‘First of all, If you’re trying to persuade people espically relevant people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular.’ – David Ogilvy

4) Connection with your product:

There are probably many advertisements created which went viral but did not help the customers to relate with the product. Most of all Creating startup viral videos is a huge investment so make sure that your ROI is high.

Moreover, You have to especially understand the central theme of your product and probably correlate it with that of the video. As a result It seems like it will not only help you to create an improved version of the videos but most of all it will also help the customers to retain the video and consequently your product in their memory.

5) Choose the right person to create the video:

First of all, make sure you have expert advice before committing your funds to make the video. Moreover, Research your market and your advertisement firm before binding yourself to the project.

Furthermore, Brainstorm the ideas with your agency moreover give them enough freedom to explore with the theme of the video. But also make sure that you and your agency is having a transparent communication.

‘Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.’ – David Ogilvy

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