3D Projection Mapping: How Is It Done?
August 20, 2015
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March 8, 2016
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3D Projection Mapping: How It Can Be Used?

3d Projection Mapping

3D Projection Mapping: In a world where your movies are 3D, it seems only fair that the realm of projections do not fall behind, and why should they? Rather than the old and boring procedure of finding a plain white background so you could show everyone your work, we bring a new and mind-boggling technology which never fails to amaze and impress everyone.

What It Is:

3D Projection Mapping is not just another “cool” technique, but it has changed the way the world sees the method of projection. Not only is it new and informative, but it is impressive and out-of-the-world. It is a modus operandi where, instead of using a simple 2D white background, any 3D object can be used as a base.

Whether they are buildings, or any other sort of structure, no matter how complex and of what colours, the video can be projected with ease. Not just this, but the technique allows a lot of free movement for effects, letting the user play with shape, line, or space, and thus creating brilliant optical illusions. And those illusions do not just enchant the audience but connects to them on an emotional level, leaving an impression that lasts so much longer than the projection does. It goes without saying, but this method is also very environment-friendly as it requires no particular details that harm the 3D objects or the surroundings in any way.

    3D Projection Mapping Uses:

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    Video mapping gained its commercial importance by being used in advertising campaigns in the first place, and they haven’t lost their significance ever since. Multinational companies like Nokia, Samsung, Unilever, BMW etc. used the technique for their campaigns. They usually used to project scenes onto the buildings. The count of the number of companies using this technique is extremely high to even count. Not only is it cheaper than other alternatives, it is funky and attracts the general eye. There are no restraints on the usage so the companies are able to implement any of their ideas around it.

  • Live Production:

    Nokia Ovi Maps took the case to another level when they used the method to copy the actions of the live crowd and mimic it on the screen. This introduced another use and scheme of the technique which could create virtual replica of the real scene.

  • Festivals:

    It may be referred to as a modern technique but that does not stop its brilliance from being included in religious activities and festivals. Fête des Lumières, a festival to honour the Virgin Mary, also started incorporating the technique in their production to make the show even more interesting.

  • Music:

    Live concerts and video mapping have created an unbreakable bond over the period of time. Big names in the music industry now depend on 3D projection to accompany them on the stage, and many build even their performances around the concept of it, like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, and Carrie Underwood has done in the past. It is also very common for EDM music to be in a pair with excellent video mapping as it helps set the mood for the concert and create an unforgettable moment.

  • Avant Garde:

    3D projection mapping is no longer just a computer technique, but has become a form of expression. It has been included in a theme of art called Avant Garde as it allows the artists to experiment and connect with the audiences in a new way. It permits them to make anything and anywhere their canvas and showcase their work. Many have also been using this technique as a means of activism.

  • Outdoor Events:

    It can and is used for many outdoor events which allows a great number of people to view it without being extremely close to it. Sidney’s Opera House is one of the biggest examples of it as the historical monument has been the base of many events.

  • Theatre:

    Not just great words and powerful acting makes a show hit and 3D mapping has proved it. Lately a lot of renowned theatre in New York and London has been using this technique to bring an extra oomph factor to the play, especially during the climax of the story to build the suspense and properly deliver it. Also little tricks here and there also help enhance the simplest performance.

  • Events:

    Fashion Industry has also been using it for a very long period of time to create a perfect setting for their shows. Not only does it allow them to use different sceneries at any given time, it does it without demanding any extra physical additions. Even museums use the technique to spice things up a bit and make education fun.

  • Gaming:

    The giant world of video games have come to depend on video mapping. Not only are they highly thankful to effects they use in their video games, but they use 3D projection in their live events to create a surreal experience and lets the gamer enjoy the ordeal in real life.

There are more than a thousand ways 3D projection mapping can be used. Come to think of it, it can be incorporated in any sphere of life. It truly holds the key to our future.

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